Make Your Own Photo Playing Cards By Using This Ninja Technique!

What gives more excitement than the opportunity to make your own photo playing cards? Check out the best ninja tips & techniques to have the perfectly customized deck of playing cards!

Online card-making is easy. If you know it well, this will still help you. However, if you have no idea at all and feeling rookie-ish in front of your friends, this one’s for you.

• Go straightforward to customize

Open any leading website on the Internet that favors custom printed card ideas. You can browse the lot, choose one of them, customize to your preferences, and order a print.

However, likely, they won’t carry “unique” themes that you might prefer.

• Design your own photo playing cards

Just to make your own photo playing cards, you simply need a tool to start with. Again, this app can be anything to make a template of the similar size of the deck-sized cards.

Simple apps like Canva, Adobe Spark Post, etc. help you design smart card designs with ample varieties of stickers, layouts, designs, templates, images, etc. Here, you can add an image of your choice (that could be anything from a Selfie to a group photo of your friends or family, etc.). These apps don’t charge a single penny from you unless any “premium” features you want.

• Upload newly-designed images for customization

Go to the leading website that offers custom printed coasters and playing cards to upload the images for customization and order a print accordingly.

Visit website

How Custom Photo Wall Calendar Gifts Can Boost Your Marketing

Clients or customers enjoy customized gifts. Their affinity towards a brand increases due to this.

In one of the sharpest marketing minds, the idea of customized gifting always remains. You can only make people feel special by gifting them or rewarding them. Nowadays, we see a plethora of brands exerting on “Rewards Program” or “Loyalty Counter Points” and stuff like that to expand their base of customers as well as ensure their retention.

Gifting a custom photo wall calendar, with your brand name on it, can go a long way than you anticipate. Why calendars? Since calendars are one of the most critical items that get noticed every single day. People keep checking on schedule, particularly for meetings, birthdays/anniversaries, special days, doctor’s appointments, PTA meetings, and so on. This impeccable source of information is a focal point in every home or office.

Around 62% of customers own promotional calendars and they create over 850 impressions. Isn’t that an interesting figure for you to notice how quickly they drive leads for companies? We can vaguely estimate that 85-90% of people notice their calendars every day. If they happen to witness your brand logo, name, and details on it, they are much likely to call you or buy your product or at least think about it.

Similarly, you can get custom printed coasters for gifting purposes. People drinking coffee or tea will readily appreciate this stuff. You can check interesting styles and designs available on the Internet for selecting the right ones for supplies.

Check out the Tips for Having the Best Set of Custom Printed Playing Cards

“You, of all, must be an ardent fan of card-playing tricks and techniques. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been lingering here right. Well, get a peek right now.”

Sorry about that. We know card-playing enthusiasts keep their eyes on exclusive items, so we thought it would work on you. Never mind, you can read below to ward that off.

Custom printed playing cards aren’t newly popular. People have been customizing their card fronts and backs for years now. However, not all of them get the right ‘trick’ to do it nicely and perfectly. Some are vaguely searching for cheap quality cards, others are on the lookout for impeccable designs, styles, patterns, and so on.

If you want impeccable customizations, you should do the following:

• Click a high-quality picture, an HD quality – preferably. Make sure you upload the file as it is and the receiver finds it exactly. Don’t use WhatsApp or any social media messenger that compresses the file to reduce memory occupancy.

• Know about the bleeding limitations from a particular card supplier. People get pissed off when they notice their cards aren’t what they had expected. Besides, you should follow the recommendations provided by the card supplier.

• In a personalized deck of cards, you can add personalized text or graphics, so that it makes you own it completely. However, we suggest you think of a special title or text that you won’t regret later having it printed on it.

Pick high-quality, durable plastic cards for an investment that goes long for your best card playing moments.

How to Make Your Own Photo Playing Cards?

We get that a lot from the enthusiastic card-playing audience. Here’s a quick guide for help.

Evidently, customizing or personalizing playing cards hasn’t been a secret anymore. However, people still wonder what best/ideal is for them, based on their interests & budget.

We think you share the same thought process with others, especially when you want to make your own photo playing cards for special & entertaining sessions with your friends.

We offer some suggestions that may help you.

Material – Commonly, paper and plastic playing cards are available. Yes, you will find a variety of materials, but the above two are easily available on any card-selling website. Cards made of paper are cheaply priced, whereas premium plastic cards weigh on the higher side of expenses.

Custom design – Since websites offer you to have your custom design cards, you can simply upload a high-quality image or graphic (PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.) for customization. However, we recommend you check the image resolution, bleeding limitations, and other crucial tips given on a website for uploading a picture or image.

Text & Color – Customizations for the front & back are available and you can select accordingly. You can choose glossy finish coated cards for a premium look. Add personalized text to make it unique. This way, you can also find out if anyone has ‘stolen’ your cards.

• Price – Most of the customized playing cards are affordable. The varying prices factor in material, printing cost, card box, customization, personalization, color quality, resolution, etc.

How To Choose Personalized Casino Playing Cards? Check Different Types of Customizations.

Playing cards are widely manufactured in different budgets and customizations to fulfill buyers’ interests and expectations.

Don’t limit the options. Buyers get sort of irritated with limited options available for playing cards. Now that a multitude of customizations is available, it has become daunting to select one of the best kinds. Choosing personalized casino playing cards can turn easy if you follow these tips given below:

• Select a customization

Separated into different categories for card playing community, some of the customizations include printed custom back, printed custom face and back, color palette with personalized text, and custom blank cards with designing options. Each of these varieties offers a fair share to showcase your creativity with designs and interesting elements.

• Select a card category

When you are likely to purchase casino playing cards, we recommend 100% plastic cards for their durability and flexibility. But, you have options to choose from transparent cards, monogrammed cards, lenticular cards, pinochle cards, and so on. Some of the manufacturers or suppliers also offer Braille cards for the visually impaired.

• Select accessories (boxes)

Having a deck of personalized poker cards isn’t enough. You should have classy or sophisticated boxes to encase these cards and flaunt in your group of players or new participants. With refined printing and high-quality production of stock and finishing in playing card boxes, you can fulfill your desire for owning an elegant pack of cards. You can explore tin boxes and more.

A Quick Brief Guide 2019 To Buying Custom Printed Poker Cards

“Do you want some fancy custom artwork on a standard deck of playing cards?”

It’s much quicker than thought (literally). Whether you choose for marketing prototype or owning a standard deck of playing cards, you can readily get it online via a few navigational steps on a website.

Let’s get started!

Getting the custom artwork ready

If you have software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or any other, you can put interesting designs for printing on that deck of cards. Similarly, existing creations or images or artworks can be ready for getting the custom printed poker cards you need.

Card stock and size

Standard card size is set with a 2.5” width and 3.5” height. But, you can change it to meet your requirements. Some companies offer a wide variety of card stock, which may suit different budget preferences. For example, a standard 280gsm comes as a professional and affordable card stock variety. You can find more premium quality varieties with higher thickness.

Finish style and specialty options

Do you want to give your card a glossy finish? Look for the options provided by an online supplier, whether it comprises varnish, lamination, or any other. Moving on further to upgrade the style, you can check in on for specialty options like metallic ink, spot color, linen texture, etc.

With a myriad of options, you can turn blank playing cards into wonderful-looking playing cards at a reasonable price. As of today, you can get tuck boxes or shrink wraps for packing the cards.

Best Custom Photo Wall Calendar 2019 – Key Factors to Keep in Mind

As we are headed to a new year in a couple of months, let’s have a look at some of the crucial factors that made custom calendars on the top of the game.

2019 welcome ingenious and artsy stuff from various creators. Nearly every brand trumped the idea of achieving their marketing objectives and goals. Individual consumers also traced the fascinating options to get those amazing varieties of the custom photo wall calendar for personal or gifting purposes.

Some of the key factors include:

  • Aesthetic appeal

What attracts a glimpse(s)? The aesthetic appeal remains one of the core areas for designers to work out while designing a calendar for a consumer. Brands have feasted on this part.

  • Quality

The glossy finish and specialty options point out the sophisticated nature of calendars. This time, custom printed coasters are also ruling the roost for their premium quality features.

  • Photo quality

Custom orders would require HD images for high-quality photo printing on the calendars. Since Smartphone, Tablet, DSLR, and other devices help capture excellent shots, it has become easy for the suppliers.

  • Color and skin tones

The right color and skin tones to their best of lengths help in accomplishing the idea of “picture-perfect” criteria for the calendar.

  • Focus and clarity

Photographers can provide focus and clarity on images, but it’s not that others can’t. If someone has a few photography skills, they can bring their A-game to shoot the accurate snapshots.

  • Balance/Layout

Experts have recommended professional advice for balancing the layout, which would go further in full display for the public.

A Quick Brief Guide to POD Custom Design Cards

Custom greeting cards offer a perfect way to convey your special wishes.

Greeting cards have been popular for a long way back. Whether you are sending holiday greetings or party invitations, the idea of custom-designed cards is a unique one.

The online platforms provide a solid platform for you to get your custom design cards printed on-demand at a competitive price.

How to design your custom cards?

Readymade templates are available for you to get started. Based on themes, customers can explore a large variety of templates. For example, if the occasion is that of a birthday, you can check through a myriad of options suitable to your needs.

Apart from deciding on the right card size and card count, you have the option to upload personalized images for POD print on demand fulfillment. Since online sites have fixed criteria for accepting those images, you need to ensure that the image you upload matches them accurately.

Select boxes allow you to choose whether you want to print the front-side or both sides of the greeting cards. There’s a slight price difference between the two. If you want glossy finished cards for a premium greeting card, you may need to spend some more.

Thanks to the convenient and user-friendly options available online, ordering of custom greeting cards are swift and efficient. Right from the beginning, you should consider ideal options for sending out your warm greetings to your loved ones.