How Custom Photo Wall Calendar Gifts Can Boost Your Marketing

Clients or customers enjoy customized gifts. Their affinity towards a brand increases due to this.

In one of the sharpest marketing minds, the idea of customized gifting always remains. You can only make people feel special by gifting them or rewarding them. Nowadays, we see a plethora of brands exerting on “Rewards Program” or “Loyalty Counter Points” and stuff like that to expand their base of customers as well as ensure their retention.

Gifting a custom photo wall calendar, with your brand name on it, can go a long way than you anticipate. Why calendars? Since calendars are one of the most critical items that get noticed every single day. People keep checking on schedule, particularly for meetings, birthdays/anniversaries, special days, doctor’s appointments, PTA meetings, and so on. This impeccable source of information is a focal point in every home or office.

Around 62% of customers own promotional calendars and they create over 850 impressions. Isn’t that an interesting figure for you to notice how quickly they drive leads for companies? We can vaguely estimate that 85-90% of people notice their calendars every day. If they happen to witness your brand logo, name, and details on it, they are much likely to call you or buy your product or at least think about it.

Similarly, you can get custom printed coasters for gifting purposes. People drinking coffee or tea will readily appreciate this stuff. You can check interesting styles and designs available on the Internet for selecting the right ones for supplies.

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